To choose your snowshoes well, Valetmont experts have prepared this guide for you based on 2 main points:

  • Your practice
  • Technical elements




Flat Initiation

Easy conditions and short walks around the resorts and on developed trails.

The snow being packed, choose a snowshoe not very wide with less lift but which will make walking easier.

The hourglass-shaped snowshoe shape is ideal for natural walking. Opt for a model of snowshoes with easy and quick adjustment.

Small Trek

The relief increases with ascents and descents, rarely steep.

Opt for a model with claws at the front and a climbing block which is very useful on climbs facing the slope.

Take snowshoes adapted to your weight in order to optimize the lift: the 'heavier' you are, the greater the surface area of the snowshoes must be.

Alpine Trek

The altitude increases and so does the elevation: The playground is more for the touring skier.

Take a snowshoe with crampons placed laterally: very useful in hard snow and on slopes.

The articulated plate binding with a climbing block is recommended: it facilitates walking during long climbs and limits calf muscle fatigue.

Trail Running

In order to increase your performance: The quality of the material has a great importance.

Choosing the right material can improve your performance by 25 to 50%. Opt for a light and robust model that will withstand better over time and increase your performance.



Technical Parts

The Sieve

This is the part that determines the lift of the snowshoes based on the weight of the walker. The lift of the sieve will depend on its length and width.

Be careful, a snowshoe that is too wide for the size of the hiker will make walking difficult and tiring.

The screens are made of hard or articulated plastics like the Symbioz TSL. Some snowshoes are wire mesh, they are mostly used in Canada.


It allows the link between the snowshoe and the shoe. All snowshoes for sale on Valetmont can be adapted to your size by a slide.

The basic models are attached with a clip strap. The more efficient models use a ratchet system like snowboard bindings.

A more sophisticated grip system allows a better hold of the shoe in the snowshoe and therefore an improvement in comfort and performance.

Claws, Spikes and Knives

To be chosen according to the terrain where you want to practice snowshoeing but essential for a good grip on snow or ice.

In powder snow, lift must be given priority, while grip will be essential on the ice in order to avoid accidents.


To find out more, we recommend our snowshoe lexicon.



A good pair of shoes is necessary for snowshoeing. Classic snowshoes are suitable for attaching to a pair of hiking boots.

The ideal being a pair of waterproof shoes with a Gore-tex type membrane and a thick sole for good insulation against the cold. Some competition snowshoes attach to sneakers to allow running in the snow.

A real walking aid, trekking poles provide balance on shifting ground. A pair of telescopic poles that you can store in the bag after the hike or single-section poles for extra lightness.



All of our products are guaranteed. Snowshoes, poles or shoes are guaranteed by the manufacturer. The warranty periods vary depending on the material. The warranty processing is carried out by us. In the event of a problem, use our after-sales service form.


Sustainable Development by Valetmont

Make your equipment last with all the spare parts to maintain your snowshoes and available on Valetmont.

By extending the life of your snowshoes you save natural resources. Do you want to buy a new model more suited to your practice? Sell, donate or recycle your used snowshoes in a garage sale or to a recycling association.

Are your snowshoes at the end of their life? You can send them back to us and we will recycle your equipment in partnership with the Tri-Vallée waste reprocessing company.

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