To help you find the right shoes for you, Valetmont experts have prepared the following guide for you, which focuses on two aspects:

  • Foot Width
  • Foot Length

You can find more details on the other elements of the ski boot in our Alpine ski boot buying guide.


Foot Width

Each skier's foot is unique but we can see some similarities between the feet that will help you in our choice. Before purchasing your ski boots, take these two parameters into account. Each ski boot manufacturer like Head, Lange, Rossignol or Nordica offers ski boot shells in several widths.

Currently no mark 'is made for' a foot. The shells are standardized in 3 main categories:

  • Figure A: Shoe width <100 mm for thin feet
  • Figure B: Shoe width between 100 mm and 102 mm for medium feet
  • Figure C: Shoe width> 102 mm for wide feet

Foot length

To help you measure your foot length, we provide you with a printable pedimeter. Once the exact measurement has been taken, choose the size of your ski boots.

For experts, the size of the ski boot corresponds to the size of the foot + 0.5cm. For a more comfortable fit, you can, at most, add up to 1 cm to the length of your foot.

You want more information for the choice of your boots, you can refer to our guide for comfortable ski boots.

Why not look for a size match for between your shoes and your ski boots?

All ski boot manufacturers use the sizing system called: Mondo-point. It is a system based on the table of centimeters. The other French, US or UK size systems are older systems. French shoe sizes, for example, are based on 'the Paris point' established around 1800. One point corresponds to 0.667 centimeters. There is no exact alignment between these size systems. This is why it is difficult to compare these tables. We see everywhere blooming unreadable comparative tables according to the brands.


Measure your ski boot size with our pedometer to find what you are looking for in our shoe selections:

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