On Valetmont you can find the ski that will suit your desires! Our experts have grouped together in this table the different types of skiers in order to help you or to comfort you in your choice of ski in relation to your practice.


Kind of Skier

Kind of Ski Advised Ski Characteristics Size Advised
Beginners and experienced skiers, fans of relaxing skiing, evolving on green and blue slopes 


Slopes Ski or All round Skis

100% fun skis on all terrains and all types of snow (hard, rough, soft). Adapted to all situations thanks to their handling at low speed, their stability, and their ease.


Your size -10 cm to -15 cm

Confirmed to expert skiers, mastering all slopes profiles 

Performance Slopes Skis

Technical skis, precise and gripping, designed for skiers looking to vary the radius on the piste with a lively and powerful ski at any speed.

Your Size -5 cm to +5 cm

Very good level to expert skiers, who like speed and precise trajectories, ready to push their limits


Racing Skis

Very technical, demanding, stable and gripping skis at high speed, made for very sporty skiers

Slalom skis: small turns // Giant skis: large curves

Slalom Skis : Your Size  -15 to -20 cm

Giant Skis : Your size + 10 cm

All-Mountains skiers equipped with a good technical background, mastering all snow conditions and terrains


All-Mountains Skis

Wider skis for slopes and off-piste use. Comfortable and stable ride. Their use becomes more diversified, ensuring more safety in difficult snow conditions (ice, artificial, deep)


Your size -5 cm to +0 cm

Sporting and technical skiers, attracted by fresh snow and the freedom of off-piste 

Freeride Skis

Wide skis intended for powder snow. Lift and mobility are on the program thanks to pronounced side cuts and excellent lift-off.

Your size +5 cm to +15 cm

Young skiers (15-25 years old) Snowpark enthusiasts who like to try new tricks on park kickers, rails or any usable areas on the edge of the tracks.


Freestyle Skis

Twin tip skis with reinforced structure and edges. They are generally lighter, more flexible, shorter than average to facilitate tricks and landings during jumps. Even if the SnowPark is their favorite terrain, they remain versatile on the slopes.


Your size -10 cm to 0 cm


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