Do you want to start Nordic Walking or renew your equipment?

Before purchasing poles, Valetmont experts will advise you on your choice of Nordic walking poles according to the following criteria:


  • The tube and its composition
  • The tip and its shape
  • The tip pads or not
  • The handle and its material
  • The gauntlet
  • The right size for your practice


The Tube

Avoid aluminum pole tubes because they do not absorb vibrations well, which becomes unpleasant when walking. The majority of Nordic walking pole tubes are made from a blend of fiberglass and carbon. The percentage of carbon in the sticks is between 20% and 100%.

The rate of carbon fiber influences the lightness and the rigidity of the tube. A 100% carbon tube is very light but very stiff and brittle. These tubes are made for walkers seeking physical and technical performance.

For more amateur walkers, a tube with a carbon rate of between 50 and 80% is more suitable. These more resistant and more flexible tubes prove to be more pleasant.

As the price of carbon is higher than fiberglass, the price of the sticks will vary depending on the rate of carbon in the tube.


The Spikes

Made of tungsten, a material more resistant than iron, the tips have several possible shapes. Each shape is suitable for different walking terrain and different type of pole.

Straight or round tips: inherited from trekking poles, they are reserved for soft and flexible terrain.

Beveled or inclined points: Very popular and effective on harder soils. The grip is more efficient and allows a better realization of the movement of the arms when walking.


In order to guarantee you the longest life of a Nordic walking stick, we offer a large choice of spare parts (including spikes) available to order on our site.

Find our guide to maintaining your poles on our Blog.


The Pads

Made mostly of rubber, the tips are used to cover the spike of the stick. Very popular on hard terrain, they remove the noise and vibrations of the stick on the ground while increasing grip.

The pads are also recommended or mandatory on some circuits very frequented by walkers to limit the impact of the spikes on fragile ground.

Some pads only fit to one pole model while others are universal like the TSL Crossover pads which can be used on any walking or trekking pole tip.


The Handle

The choice of the grip is very important depending on your practice. There are three types of handles:

  • Plastic handles
  • Cork handles
  • Mixed handles


The cork handles are the most comfortable. Their soft touch and the grip comfort is excellent but it can get damaged faster. They will have to be carefully maintained.

Plastic handles are more durable but less comfortable. In hot weather they will cause significant sweating of the hands and the grip will be reduced.

Mixed handles are now the most common. They combine a plastic part under the gauntlet for strength and a cork part under the fingers for comfort.

The Gauntlet

The gauntlet or wrist strap creates the link between the hand and the sticks.

The movement of Nordic walking requires complete freedom of movement of the hand while maintaining control of the pole. The quality of the gauntlet is essential and strongly conditions walking comfort.

The strap must be enveloping and adjustable thanks to an adjustable tab that will close comfortably around the hand.

During your walks, you may have to take off your poles. So prefer poles with removable gauntlets. Each brand offers its own hooking system. The goal is to be able to remove your staff without removing your gauntlet. Favor fast, simple and robust systems when choosing your poles.

The size

Most brands recommend choosing the size according to the rule: Walker size * 0.68 = Pole size


Round off the result according to your level of practice. Above if you want a longer and sportier pole and below for a shorter pole more suitable for leisure walking.

Avoid telescopic type poles. They are ideal for clubs that want to introduce Nordic walking, but for a regular practitioner, prefer single-section poles.


On find the brands of Nordic walking poles TSL Outdoor, Leki and Guidetti.



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