To protect yourself from the cold and wick away perspiration during your ski or outdoor outings, it is strongly recommended adopting the 3-layer system:

  • The first layer is breathable
  • The second is warm and insulating
  • The third is waterproof and windproof

The goal of a technical underwear is to expel sweating as quickly as possible to remove the feeling of humidity during the effort. This therefore allows a supplement of heat to the body.

Choosing good technical underwear is essential to influences the overall effectiveness of the 3-layer system.

In direct contact with the skin, technical underwear are the first layer. Here are the advice of Valetmont experts on how to choose them better.



To keep you warm by expelling away sweating, only so-called “technical” fabrics can fulfill this mission.

Two main categories of fabric are found in the models offered:

  • Synthetic fibers: are very resistant and dries quickly. The addition of elastane makes it possible to obtain a garment which in addition to being warm is stretchy and tight.


  • Merino wool: 3 times finer than traditional wool, this wool comes from New Zealand sheep. It has an advantage over synthetic fibers because it adapts better to climatic conditions by better retaining heat and adapting to coolness. But its main advantage lies in its ability to control body odor by being lighter than synthetic fibers. However, it is more expensive and less resistant than synthetic.


Adjusted Size

Whatever technical base layer you wear, it should be worn close to the skin to facilitate layering of the second and third layers.

This will also avoid discomfort due to too large or poorly cut. The garment will therefore be tight but without being too tight so as not to cut off blood circulation.

The garment on the body will allow sweat to be optimally transported to the outside and body heat will be retained.


To complete your outfit, consult our guide dedicated to the importance of the second layer of ski clothing.


Adaptation to Conditions

For very cold conditions or for chilly skiers, choose to wear warm and well-covering underwear. Prefer high collars to protect the throat and long tights to keep the legs warm. Also choose thicker underwear or with a fleece lining for extra warmth.

For spring trips and when the temperatures rise, prefer more open collars (round or zipped but open) and with lighter fabrics.

Also see our article 'The 5 essential accessories for a good day on the ski slopes' on our blog.

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