In the mountains or during your outdoor activities, there is no need to stack layers of clothing randomly to keep your body warm. The brands have developed specific technical clothing to support outdoor athletes and guarantee them optimized protection throughout their activity.

The Valetmont experts explain to you the 3-Layer System and how to protect yourself in changing climatic conditions and with the alternation of period of effort and static phases.


The 3-Layer System

The objective of the 3-layer system is to keep the athlete dry and warm.


First Layer

This layer is used to transfer sweating from the body to the outside as quickly as possible, to not create a feeling of wetness.

It is important because if the body is wet, the cold sets in permanently. The cotton t-shirt (or turtleneck) that traps moisture and causes cold snaps when the effort stops.

An effective first layer is worn next to the skin and can be chosen from technical underwear in synthetic fibers or merino wool.




The second layer provides warmth to the body while expelling away moisture.

This layer is more or less warm depending on the weight and is chosen according to the outside temperature. It should be light and compact to fits it easily into a bag when temperatures rise.

Fleeces are very effective as a second layer thanks to their insulating performance and their ability to dry quickly. Light down jackets in natural or synthetic down are also a good choice because they are very warm and compact.


Third Layer

The third and final layer should protect from rain, snow and wind.

This layer is waterproof and windproof but also breathable to complete the work of the two previous layers. It can also provide thermal insulation with doubled models.

Depending on the needs, the weather and the activity of the practitioners, this third layer can be more or less protective, light, functional, warm or resistant.


Thanks to this optimal combination of different types of technical clothing, the protection will be formidable whatever the conditions of practice. Once equipped, it is very pleasant to evolve with this powerful system by removing layers according to the weather conditions and the intensity of your effort.

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