There are only advantages to walking with poles. Prefer them in pairs to improve the benefit of walking by facilitating the symmetry of the body and avoiding joint and back pain. They are also very effective in maintaining balance and stability during dangerous crossings, descents or slippery terrain.

Just like the Valetmont experts, a large part of hikers purchase trekking poles. Follow our advice to choose them well.


Your practice


Occasional Walker

In the forest or on a snowshoe. You are looking for a reliable, practical, space-saving and versatile pair of sticks for occasional use.

You may be tempted by low-cost models of telescopic poles with a steel tip.

Intermediate Walker

You are interested in a top of the range all-round club with a high-performance tip system and adaptable pucks.

The size of the poles must be adapted to your outdoor practice and according to your size.

Nordic Walker

You need a specific pair of poles for Nordic walking. Depending on your practice, choose poles more or less efficient, but always adapted to the practice of Nordic walking.

You will find a wide choice of carbon fiber sticks with a straight Nordic tungsten tip or a 'Crossover' tip.

Trailers or Quick Walker

you need high performance (stiff), light (carbon fiber) poles, such as Leki breakable poles that can easily be stored in a backpack or even in a hydration vest.



Body and Settings


Single Strand

Lightweight thanks to their simplified but non-adjustable composition, they must be taken at your size.

Ideal for Nordic walking and Trail.


2-parts stick or 3-parts stick, they can be adjusted to the desired size very easily. The clamping system is the most important element which guarantees the reliability of the sticks.

They are compact and can easily be stored on the backpack. They are found in the versatile trekking pole ranges and the high end.

Breakable Stranded

Ideal for Trail and running. They do not have a size adjustment system, so you need to choose the right size when purchasing.

The poles break up into several strands for easy storage in a backpack or hydration vest.




Some trekking poles are made of several of these materials, depending on the desired effect:

  • Best price
  • Versatility
  • Efficiency



Ultra resistant tube, fairly light with an attractive price. The aluminum sticks on the other hand transmit more vibrations.


Robust, rigid and light, carbon walking poles absorb vibrations for exceptional walking or running comfort.

Fiber Glass

Tube offering resistance with great flexibility at the bat.


Naturally strong while retaining some flexibility



It is an essential and determining element when purchasing your poles. In contact with the inside of your hand throughout the walking, the handle must be pleasant to the touch and have a good grip in order to avoid blisters during repeated rubbing.



Comfortable and light, the cork handles regulate sweating very well.

Cork is a more fragile natural material than other types of handles, it is necessary to take care of it so that it does not crumble.

Find our maintenance tips further down this page.


Comfortable and light, it is easy to clean and absorbs sweat quite well.


Resistant and affordable in terms of price. It can make you sweat a lot.

To be used on ski poles (with gloves) or for walks and short hikes.


Robust and quite comfortable but can also lead to significant sweating.




Rings less than 60 mm: Ideal in summer to avoid sticking sticks in rocks. Can also be used in winter in shallow or groomed / packed snow.

Rings greater than 60 mm: Perfect in deep or loose snow, the stick does not sink too deeply when snowshoeing, for example. The diameter can be up to 100mm.



Tungsten Spikes: they provide excellent grip as well as great durability while optimizing ground support. There are straight or beveled models depending on your practice.

Steel: resistant and traditional, they will suit all light or irregular practices.



Very useful on ski poles, hiking, Nordic walking or Trail so as not to lose your pole.

The Simple strap: adjustable classic strap

The Lined strap: generally in neoprene to prevent slipping when you sweat, these straps are much more comfortable.



A must for Nordic Walking, the Gauntlet provides real support, more precision and great comfort to walk longer.

It distributes the weight of the pole on the handle at the end of the push (effect of lightness) and systematically places the handle in the hand when the arm come-back in the front.

Removable Gauntlet: A simple pressure on the top of the handle and a lateral movement releases you from your stick. Indispensable in Nordic walking, the system is present on Guidetti's VDF ranges and TSL Outdoor Nordic walking poles in clip-on or magnetic version as on the TSL Tactil range.



This is a rubber tip to put on the tip of the walking stick for better grip depending on the type of terrain. There are different types of pads depending on the model of our stick and the brand.

The new TSL Tactil Nordic walking poles only work with the Crossover Pad, as the French brand Guidetti offers different tips whether the tip of the walking stick is conical or not.

TSL Outdoor has created a simple and effective system called Push & Pull which allows you to change the tip according to the type of terrain: rubber tip on asphalt and tip on soft terrain.



Sustainable Development by Valetmont

You will find on our Valetmont site all the spare parts necessary for the maintenance of your poles:

  • The pads
  • Washers
  • Peaks
  • The straps
  • Handles

All these parts are exchangeable on the majority of trekking poles. Make your equipment last by replacing only worn parts.

Also remember to clean your poles regularly. Most handles (Foam, rubber and plastic) can be washed with soap and water.

For cork handles, use water with a little bleach then linseed oil to restore its texture to the touch and to moisturize it.

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