More dynamic and versatile than hiking and trekking, Nordic walking requires shoes adapted to this type of effort to avoid any risk of accident or discomfort.

Valetmont experts advise you on your purchase of Nordic walking shoes with the following criteria:

  • Smoothness
  • Stability
  • Grip
  • Cushion
  • Thermal Comfort


A good pair of Nordic walking shoes should be chosen with care and are distinguished from hiking shoes by a few specific qualities. This activity is practiced on all terrains and therefore requires a good level of versatility: from asphalt to muddy ground.




For Nordic Walking, it is important that the amplitude of the steps is effective with a good foot rolling. It is better to choose shoes with a flexible sole that flexes at the level of the front of the foot and a low upper.

This flexibility is even more decisive as the level of practice increases and as the pace and stride length increase.



A stable foot allows secure support and helps prevent injuries, especially articular injuries such as ankles or knees.

The sole of the shoe must be sufficiently wide with a heel support which prevents longitudinal movements thanks to stabilizers. The upper must maintain the foot by perfectly conforming to its shape, especially at the level of the kick.



The grip of a shoe is made by the sculpture of its sole (the studs) and the quality of the material.

On a Nordic walking shoe, well-sculpted sole in a grippy material guarantee good grip on all types of terrain during the activity. As the level rises, do not hesitate to choose shoes with a 'Vibram' sole, a leading brand in this field.



The cushioning of a shoe has a multiple role: it absorbs shocks, amplifies comfort and delays the strain during long distances.

Nordic walking causes the foot to hit the ground and can cause trauma to the heel bone joints.

Cushioning is a compromise to be found in order to protect your body from the traumas that walking and the feeling of the ground.


Thermal Comfort

The composition of the shoe will affect thermal comfort. Some shoes will be ultra-breathable to expel away sweating when walking in dry and hot weather, while others will be more waterproof to protect you in wet weather.

To amplify the airing inside the foot, it is better to opt for a low rod. As the level increases, you should choose a model with a Gore-Tex type liner, which will optimize the breathability and impermeability of the shoe.


Once the perfect shoe is found, caring will be essential. Abused during exertion, a Nordic walking shoe must be well maintained to maximize its lifespan. Cleaning and drying them naturally after each activities will allow you to enjoy them as long as possible. Also, don't forget to remove the insole to improve drying.

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