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Want to change Snowboard or discover the joys of the ride? The Valetmont experts give you their advice to make the right choice, in two steps:


  • Your Snowboard Level
  • Your Snowboard Practice


Your Level


Snowboarder Beginner to Intermediate

You discover the technique of Back and Front turn. You have mastered the dead leaf and the total stop.

You try to control your trajectory, you slalom easily between the other practitioners.

You are the Boss on the green and blue slopes but the red and black slopes make you tremble.


Snowboarder Experienced to Expert

You have mastered cut driving.

You no longer tremble at the thought of putting your board across a rail.

You have already exceeded the speed of sound in a direct trace in the powder.


Your Practice


Versatile or Slopes Snowboarder

You like big turns on groomed slopes. You started with Alpine surfing. Looking for a snowboard that takes you everywhere all day long.

You risk yourself off-piste when the conditions are good. You do a few jumps when you feel happy and comfortable.


Freestyle Snowboarder

You are a jumping junkie. You take all the bumps that come in front of you when you ride.

You spend your day walking up the Pipe and you spend the rest of the night with a shovel to prepare for the next jump.


Freeride Snowboarder

You can't stand authority. You want to surf where you want, when you want. You are a defender of the free riding.

You prefer expanses of powder snow to snow groomer tracks. You surf with a transceiver, a shovel and a probe.


Snowboard Pack : are the bindings mounted on the Snowboard?

When purchasing a snowboard pack, the bindings are not fitted to the board due to shipping constraints.

Don't panic though, mounting snowboard bindings is a child's play and is part of the initiation ritual of snowboarding. You will be delighted to appropriate your snowboard equipment and to know all the possible settings.

Of course, our advisers are at your disposal to help you with your installation: contact us by e-mail or by phone, all Valetmont advisers are trained to answer all your questions.

We also offer a choice of snowboard boots.


Snowboard : is it settled before the shipping by Valetmont?

Snowboards are sold with the preparation made by the factory. We recommend waxing the base for the first time before use. Our Valetmont technicians offer you the preparation of snowboard equipment in store before shipment.

You will find in our shop a choice of waxing and sharpening carried out by our technicians in our workshop. Associate the purchase of your equipment with a “Preparation Service” and the equipment will be prepared before it is shipped.

The preparation and maintenance of equipment largely determine the lifespan of your equipment.


Snowboard Warranty

All items are guaranteed by the manufacturer. The warranty periods vary depending on the material. The warranty processing is carried out by us. In case of problem, use our after-sales service form.


Sustainable Development by Valetmont

In order to reduce the ecological impact of skiing, we can try to reduce the use of natural resources necessary for the manufacture of alpine ski equipment.

For this it is necessary to make your equipment last as long as possible by maintaining it regularly. For your pair of ski boots, remember to dry them by removing the liner from the shell and then keeping it by closing the hooks so that the plastic does not deform.

At the end of the season, you can take the slipper out to wash it, some slippers are machine washable. Replace the inner sole of the liner as soon as it seems damaged to regain comfort immediately. It is also possible to replace the heels of plastic shells which wear out when walking on hard surfaces.

When your ski boots are at the end of their life, you can return them to us when purchasing new ski boots. We take care of recycling your ski equipment in partnership with the Tri-Vallées waste reprocessing company.


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