Before purchasing an alpine ski, you need to proceed in two steps :

  • Define your ski level
  • Choose your practice

When you have completed these two steps, you can easily choose from the skis that suit you best. For your ski purchase, you can contact us at any time for advice either by email or by phone on 04 50 02 48 22.


How to define your ski level ? 



Level 1 : Beginner or Intermediate skier

The skier seeks to understand the basicsl mechanisms of gliding and balance. The independence of the feet is not yet fully acquired, and the initiation of turns is effected by weight transfer in snowplough or in controlled skidding. The speed is slow to medium on a green or blue ski slope.

Skis must be short, flexible and accessible. In addition, the equipment must offer the beginner intermediate skier the freedom to sharpen his technique to allow him to progress quickly.


Level 2 : Intermediate Skier

The skier is more comfortable with the basics and has better balance on his skis. The independence of the feet is more important and the turns are done by well controlled skidding or slightly cut turns. The rate of change is medium to fast. Since the speed can therefore be high, the ski equipment must be more resistant to deformation.

In addition, skis or snowboards must be more rigid in order to reduce the vibrations created by speed and edge grip. The skis thus begin to specialize according to the practice of the skier (Freeride, Freestyle, Carving, Slalom) or to propose links between several disciplines.


Level 3 : Confirmed or Expert Skier

The basics mechanics are acquired, the balance is good and the skier is able to change his pace (big or small turn). The skier masters the various evolution techniques such as skidding and cut turns.

Thus the skier has sufficient technique to access the practices of Slalom, Carving, Freestyle or Freeride.


The ski equipment is specialized according to the practice. It must therefore meet the requirements of the athlete in all situations. The skier must be able to count on his equipment to get out of difficult situations. The ski equipment is then much more sophisticated, it incorporates anti-vibration systems, it offers great resistance to deformation, it supports high speeds. The product is designed and produced to meet very specific requirements according to each practice.


What skis for what kind of skiers ?


Slope Skis

For intermediate beginner level skiers, the ski equipment therefore corresponds to a practice on green or blue slopes, groomed, the skis are rather short with an average radius of curve.

Performance Slope Skis

We include in this category all the skis that allow you to evolve on a groomed ski slope for intermediate skiers, confirmed and experts. We find carving skis with a very short radius, Slalom skis or Giant skis, FIS standard or not.

All-Mountains Skis

The skis presented in this category allow cross-practice skiing. This is why they offer shapes and sized adapted to the groomed ski slope and off-piste. They offer technical performance that meets the requirements of different terrains. Good and versatile skis are possible and they exist. 

Freeride Skis

Skis suitable for off-piste skiing in powder snow. Freeride skis are wider and they can make long turns.

Freestyle Skis

Skis adapted to the practice of jumps, rails and park. Freestyle skis have a shape with front and rear tips.

Back-Country Skis

Skis combining the qualities of Freestyle skis and off-piste skiing.

Touring Skis

Skis allowing the practice of ski touring with skins and touring bindings.


Defining your practice is essential before any purchase of alpine skiing. You will find all the information in our article on the choice of skis according to the type of practice.


What size of ski for what kind of skier ?


Slope Skis

Your size - 10 cm to - 15 cm

Slalom Skis

Your size or - 5 cm.

Giant Slalom Skis

Your size -15 cm

All-Mountains Skis

Your size or + 5 cm

Freeride Skis

Your size + 5 cm

Freestyle Skis

Your size - 5 cm à - 10 cm

Back-Country Skis

Your size or - 5 cm

Touring Skis

Your size - 5 cm (not if it's Freeride touring ski)


In order to help you in your choice of ski size, Valetmont experts have set up a configurator according to your practice, your level and your size.


Are the bindings mounted to the skis?

When purchasing an alpine ski on Valetmont, the ski bindings are mounted on the skis. In order for the assembly to be as precise as possible, please fill in all the information requested from you during your purchase.

You want to control the setting of your bindings: Click here.

In case of doubt, we advise you to have the adjustment checked by a specialist before the first day of skiing, this service is also free in most ski resort shops.

Need advice? Contact us by email or phone. All of our advisors can answer your questions.


Can you set my gear before the shipping by Valetmont ? 

Skis and snowboards are sold with the preparation made by the factory. Valetmont technicians set the ski equipment in the workshop before sending it. The preparation and maintenance of equipment largely determines its lifespan.


Gear Warranty

All items are guaranteed by the manufacturer. The warranty periods vary depending on the material. The warranty processing is carried out by us. In case of problem, use our Service Form.


Sustainable development by Valetmont

In order to reduce the ecological impact of skiing, we can first of all try to reduce the use of the natural resources necessary for the manufacture of alpine skis. It is necessary to make your equipment last longer by taking care to maintain it regularly. To keep your pair of skis in good condition, consider waxing regularly during the season and at the end of the season to protect your sole. Regular edge sharpening gives your ski grip on hard snow. The plastic sole recovers very well from scratches due to stones thanks to filling and sanding. A well-maintained ski is a ski that lasts longer. Find our range of ski maintenance products.

Are your skis at the end of their life? You can send them back to us when purchasing a new ski. We take care of recycling your ski equipment in partnership with the Tri-Vallée waste reprocessing company.

If you like skiing and the mountains, find our guides and ski purchase information on the Valetmont blog.

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